A Guerra trás riscos de vida e de desmembramento, mas também traz a possibilidade de grandes recompensas. Alguns minions são meramente mercenários não-convencionais com antecedentes peculiares que firmaram parcerias nas margens da civilização. Outros são de espécies incapazes de reunir exércitos de grande escala mas estão dispostos a lutar ao lado de aliados poderosos que irão ajudá-los a se defender.

Um número de espécies selvagens tem sido arrastada para as guerras recentes, seja por acidente ou manipulações deliberadas. Isso inclui os resistentes e persistentes Farrow, uma espécie de homens-porcos com astúcia parecida com a humana, assim como espécies similarmente inteligentes espreitando em pântanos e charcos como os Homens-Crocodilo, Troglodítas do Brejo, e Gobbers Selvagens. Seja por persuasão ou coerção à batalha, esses grupos geralmente fornecem habilidades únicas que podem dar ao comandante uma vantagem necessária.

Apesar das forças dos Minions não são tão bem supridas como uma facção estabelecida ou os exércitos dos reinos, mas sua diversidade inerente é um recurso que jamais ser subestimado.



What are the Minion Pacts anyway?

  • The Blindwater Congregation:

    Gatormen do not die of old age. They die fighting each other. Bloody Barnabas, however, is the first Gatorman in their recorded history who might die of what any other race would call “natural causes”. He has survived by being a great magician and warrior, slaughtering and devouring foes for centuries. Fearing that his body will soon expire, Barnabas has been forced to look to a higher aspiration: Godhood.

    How he intends to do this is first gathering an enormous cult following of gatormen, bog trogs, and any other race that can be subjugated into worship. Next, he will take his followers and lead them into an unimaginable slaughter. At this battle’s climax, Barnabas will have killed thousands, finally falling in battle and, hopefully, ascending to become a deity even mightier than the gatorman god Kossk.

    Barnabas starts his mad campaign by gaining the help of Calaban, the Grave Walker. Unbeknownst to Barnabas, this shrewd and calculating bokor cares not for Barnabas’ need for ascension; Calaban will watch from the sidelines and, when Barnabas finally falls, take control of the forces Barnabas leaves behind for himself. Calaban will then choose a new leader, as Calaban prefers not to lead. Barnabas already has hundreds of gatormen and bog trogs under his bloody banner, and that number is ever growing. Who is to say that it will not be Barnabas who will stand when these wars are over? Who is to say that Barnabas will not achieve his goal, and become a monstrous god capable of undoing all that the Creator has wrought?

    The Blindwater Congregation approaches.


  • The Thornfall Alliance: Farrow often live off of banditry and taking lands for themselves. One farrow, who would come to be known as Carver, epitomized these traits. He would take all of the land for himself, he would crush the kingdoms of man and reshape the world to fit only a farrow’s idea of paradise.

    But first, a conqueror needs weapons. Shortly after the forming of the Thornfall Alliance, a strange human who called himself Arkadius stepped forward and offered just what Carver needed: to turn his people into weapons of war. Carver did not expect that Arkadius would follow through on the offer so literally; Now farrow monstrosities fitted with mechanical limbs march alongside Carver’s soldiers. Although these monsters have proven themselves to be more than capable of seeing to Carver’s need for conquest, Carver still wishes he had wrung that human’s neck. Rumors persist among the farrow that Carver’s warriors fear Arkadius even more than Carver.

    Recent fighting has caused the Thornfall Alliance to step up their efforts. Targ, Arkadius’ disfigured farrow assistant, has been spotted following his master into battle and tending to his warbeasts. Carver’s forces have been taking a more direct approach through the use of the Slaughterhousers, vicious shock troops that make up a number of the farrow elite. A hideously fast abomination, the Road Hog storms the ranks of its foe on prosthetic legs, decimating their numbers with a gout from its flamethrower before retreating to a safer position to prepare another strike. Possibly the worst of all, a monstrous creation called “Sturm and Drang” has been sighted numerous times, and each time reputed to be leading armies and utilizing magic. It does battle in a way one would never think of after laying eyes on the creature; On the approach it uses protective magics and telekinesis to hasten it’s advance, and when battle is joined it flies into an unspeakable rage that even it’s warbeasts share, smashing men into paste and throwing even mighty warjacks like rag dolls. How could Arkadius create such a monster, let alone unleash it upon his foes? It is only a matter of time before the doctor can create a creature surpassing any other.

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